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Almost Human Episodes

Almost Human
Show more Show less In the year 2048, police detective John Kennex awakens from a 17 month coma caused by a gun battle that cost him a leg and a partner. Much to his annoyance, new rules stipulate that he be assigned an android partner, Dorian. Dorian is unique, from an experimental series that was discontinued. Dorian's uniqueness comes from his design, a design intended to emulate human beings as closely as possible. This trait leads to a bonding between the two as the human who is part machine, and the machine with human feelings work together to fight crime in a high-tech future. Year started: 2013
Creators: J.H. Wyman 
IMDB rating: 8.1
Categories: Action Crime Sci-Fi
Show more Show less Stars: Karl Urban  Michael Ealy  Minka Kelly  Mackenzie Crook  Michael Irby  Lili Taylor (2)  J.H. Wyman  J.H. Wyman  J.J. Abrams  Bryan Burk  Naren Shankar  Joe Henderson  Graham Roland  Alison Schapker  Sarah Goldfinger 
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