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Charles in Charge
Show more Show less Charles, a college student, moves in with the Pembroke family. He doesn't pay rent in exchange for taking care of their children and the house. The Pembrokes' work (due to low ratings) transferred them to another city. The Powells then move in. The family consists of a mother, two daughters, a son, and a retired military grandfather. If I am not mistaken, the father is in the military and only shows up every once in a while. Charles was attached to the Pembrokes and did not want to stay on in the house to take care of the Powells. But alas, he formed a connection with the family and stayed. For the next four years, Charles takes care of the children and the house, becoming in essence a part of the family. At the same time, the audience witnesses his family problems with his elvis obsessed mother, and the rigors of being a college student with his odd party obsessed best friend Buddy. Year started: 1984
IMDB rating: 6.1
Categories: Comedy
Show more Show less Stars: Alexander Polinsky  April Lerman  Ellen Travolta  James T. Callahan  James Widdoes  Jennifer Runyon  Jonathan Ward  Josie Davis  Julie Cobb  Michael Pearlman  Nicole Eggert  Sandra Kerns  Scott Baio  Willie Aames 
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