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Dr. Dimensionpants Episodes

Dr. Dimensionpants
Show more Show less Kyle Lipton was a normal, impulsive, somewhat pudgy kid. But all that changed when an interdimensional portal opened in his backyard and dropped a strange pair of glowing pants in his lap: The Dimensionpants. Kyle put on the pants and was transformed into DR. DIMENSIONPANTS, a cosmic superhero with powers of space, time, and moustache. Thanks to the Dimensionpants, young Kyle now has all the crazy-weird superhero powers he ever wanted… and more responsibility than he can handle! With the help of his talking unicorn mentor Philip, Dr. Dimensionpants must learn to master his powers as he saves the universe from unspeakable horrors on a semi-regular basis. And if that wasn’t enough, Kyle still has to deal with all his day-to-day kid issues -- homework, girls, and his annoyingly smart 7 year-old sister. Turns out, regular life is almost as tough as fighting inter-dimensional rogues. But Dr. D’s pretty sure he’s got this hero thing down… if only he could figure out how to use those darn pants! Year started: 2014
IMDB rating: 4.4
Categories: Animation Children
Stars: Jaedon Siewert  Zac Siewert  Zoey Siewert 
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