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Elementary Episodes

Show more Show less Elementary brings us a modern-day Sherlock Holme's played by Johnny Lee Miller, and his partner Joan Watson played by Lucy Liu. Things are different around the turn of this century, and those details are not lost on Sherlock who's over-stimulation led him into a stint in an American rehab facility. Having decided that work is his best chance to stay grounded he's decided to work for the NYPD where an old contact from Scotland Yard, Captain Thomas "Tommy" Gregson, has agreed to bring him in as a consultant. Watson's appointed role in his life, as a Sober companion, is one that Sherlock fights until he realizes that Watson's usefulness goes beyond his father's wishes. She accompanies him, with or without his consent, around New York assisting him on many different types of cases, and to get through his daily life. Year started: 2012
Creators: Robert Doherty 
IMDB rating: 7.9
Categories: Crime Drama Mystery
Show more Show less Stars: Johnny Lee Miller  Lucy Liu  Jonny Lee Miller  Lucy Liu  Jon Michael Hill  Aidan Quinn  Robert Doherty  Craig Sweeny  Carl Beverly  Sarah Timberman  Michael Cuesta  Robert Doherty  Robert Hewitt Wolfe  John Polson  Jason Tracey 
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