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- Season 28 Episode 9 -

Sitting in My Spy Shack

Survivor Episode list image Survivor season 28 episode 9

Season 28, Episode 9

Homesick castaways are granted a brief reprieve with letters from home. Meanwhile, one castaway secretly embarks on a stakeout to gather intel from the competition and another castaway falls hard while attempting to collect coconuts from the treetops.

Year started: 2000
IMDB rating: 6.9
Creators: Charlie Parsons 
Categories: Adventure Reality
Stars: Jeff Probst  Abi Maria Gomes  Andrew Savage  Ciera Eastin  Jeff Varner  Jeremy Collins  Joe Anglim  Kassandra McQuillen  Keith Nale  Kelley Wentworth  Mark Burnett  Tom Shelly  Mark Burnett  Doug McCallie  Doug McCallie 
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