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Waterfront House Hunting Episodes

Waterfront House Hunting
Show more Show less In "Waterfront House Hunting", real estate expert Nick Waldner helps people find a new home in a more desirable, waterfront location that will better suit their lifestyle. From homes on the Gulf Shore of Alabama, to Lake Havasu in Arizona and Oceanside in Marathon, Florida, Nick will unearth one-of-a-kind properties with an enviable view worth moving for. Each episode of the series features a family or couple in different parts of the country looking for a new home with one requirement in common: close proximity to the water. Every buyer has their own set of preferences- whether it's a high-rise condo or a home large enough to fit an expanding family, Nick will guide them in the right direction and help prioritize their needs. After seeing three different options, buyers must choose which home will finally make their dream of living near the water come true. Year started: 2015
IMDB rating: 5.6
Categories: Reality-TV
Stars: Nick Waldner  Yeva Bogoroditskaya  Michelle Brakke 
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